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Spring/Summer 2020

"Odin's Journey"

Journeying across many lands

Odin finds his way

Through the deepest forest 

And into the brightest day.

Copper Wire Tree On Humboldt Beach Driftwood With Wizard And Quartz Crystal


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Silver Cuttlebone
Jewelry Selection!

Cuttlefish bone cast heart pendant on a 16-inch strand of freshwater pearls. This one of a kind necklace alternates between round white and teardrop-shaped pearls.

Autumn Equinox
"Descending Leaves"
negativity Dispelling amulet

Sterling Silver & Copper Tree Pendant With Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, & Garnet.


"The Mission"

Wandering alone through the night 

Only one mission in mind

 Hope it’s not you I’m trying to find! 

Copper Wire Tree On Flagstone Slate With Grim Reaper


Customer Feedback

A few comments from Jyoti's customers...

“Love the earrings! Just exactly the design I was looking for for Halloween, silver spiders hanging by a silver thread.  Appreciate the professionalism of the seller.”

P. Lee 

“I really like the way these earrings flow. When I looked at them I did not realize that there were 3 parts to each earring which allows them to flow. They were nicely packaged and came quickly. A very nice experience.”

A. Lawler

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