Sandy Twilight Necklace


Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Seashell with Smokey Quartz, Labradorite, and Freshwater Gray Pearl on Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

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Invoke ocean energy with the Sandy Twilight Necklace.  The shell is a symbol of boundless growth in all areas of endeavors.  It stimulates intuition, sensitivity, and imagination.  The shell can enhance clarity in mental processing, bringing insight into making the right decision.  It promotes cooperation between the self and others proving a cohesive energy for groups.  Smokey quartz has a powerful grounding energy helping one to focus their attention.  It balances the yin and yang energies.  Smokey quartz helps dissolve negative emotions and negative energy patterns.  It forms a powerful protective shield absorbing negativity from oneself and others.  It helps dissolve negative emotions such as anger and resentment.  Labradorite is known as the temple of the stars.  It can bring clarity and understanding to the path that lay in front of you, your destiny, what is written in the stars.  It helps one move through transition, advancing and progressing through the cycles of life.  It embodies the sun, moon, and stars bringing light and other planetary energies.  The pearl is a symbol of purity.  It purifies the body and mind creating a cleanse being, prepared for spiritual growth and wisdom.  It represents faith, charity, and innocence.  It enhances personal integrity.  The pearl is known as the stone of sincerity, bringing truth to any situation.

Capture the beach with this one of a kind stunning brilliant blue and orange shell necklace.  I collected this seashell from a beach in Crescent City, California while on a trip for an art history class while attending Humboldt State University.  I collected dozens of shells and this was the only one with such intense blue and orange colors.  The shell is broken exposing the spiral within.  I chose labradorite and a freshwater gray pearl (separated by a sterling silver bead textured like sand) to bring out the beautiful blue colors in the shells and the smokey quartz for its sandy brown qualities to complement the oranges.  The three charms are wire wrapped with sterling silver wire to make sure they are securely fastened to the necklace which is about 17″ long.

Each purchase is shipped in a black velvet gift bag.

Pendant Length: 1.5″
Necklace Length: 17″

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