Harvest Moon Tree Pendant – Full Moon Talisman


Copper and Brass Wire Wrapped Tree Pendant with Sterling Silver Full Moon on Black Leather Necklace

Call upon the moon goddess within and harness the energy of the full moon with the Harvest Moon Talisman.  The beautiful lines of the wires are reminiscent of the flowing movement created by Van Gogh’s brush strokes in Starry Night.  Feel the energy of the full moon encompass you as it swirls around to embody you!

Celebrate the shimmering moon in all her glory with this stunning harvest moon pendant.  Embrace this magical time of year and rejoice in the abundance that the earth has provided.  Or adorn yourself on Halloween with a spooky full moon shining through the bare branches of a tree.  Every tree lover’s dream, an everlasting, eternal symbol of life.  This beautiful copper and brass wire tree with a sterling silver full moon is handmade and one of a kind.  I lovingly rounded the end of every wire by hand, filing and sanding them with care.  The copper clasp is handmade, and was wire wrapped with brass wire to connect it to the Greek black leather to complete the 21″ necklace.  Every tree is one of kind and shaped with its own personality.  This one is gently blowing in the wind as the full moon shines between its branches.

Each purchase is shipped in a black velvet gift bag.

The copper, brass, and silver will tarnish over time but the sheen can be extended by storing your jewelry in a closed plastic bag to reduce air exposure.

* Some people may have a blue green tinge appear when wearing brass or copper.  Not everyone has this reaction, but it is temporary and will disappear naturally.*

Height of Tree: 3.75″
Width of Tree: 2.75″ (at its widest point)
Moon: 1″
Length of Necklace: 21″

Copper Wire
Brass Wire
Sterling Silver Wire
Greek Black Leather
Copper S Hook Clasp Wrapped With Brass Wire