Copper and Brass Chain Link Necklace


Twisted Copper and Brass Wire Jump Ring Drop Design Chain Link Necklace

Have fun and be playful in this dainty drop chain link necklace.  Every jump ring in this necklace is handmade.  I began with copper and brass wire that I twisted together.  After the wire was twisted, I wrapped it around a mandrel over and over again until a long coil was created.  Next, I used a jeweler’s saw to cut each individual link off.  Then, I created an S clasp with the twisted wire.  Finally I assembled the necklace.

Each purchase is shipped in a black velvet gift bag.

The copper and brass will tarnish over time but the sheen can be extended by storing your jewelry in a closed plastic bag to reduce air exposure.

* Some people may have a blue green tinge appear when wearing brass or copper.  Not everyone has this reaction, but it is temporary and will disappear naturally.*

Length: 15″