The Mission


Wandering alone through the night

Only one mission in mind

Hope it’s not you I’m trying to find!

Copper Wire Tree on Flagstone Slate with Grim Reaper

This twisted tree sits on a multi colored, shades of tan and gray, piece of flagstone slate, accented with light green moss and a Grim Reaper sculpture.

The Grim Reaper was hand sculpted using polymer clay and then oven baked.  This tree is hand sculpted using untreated copper wire.  Because the wire is untreated, it will darken over time.  The high points can be polished, but the recessed area will continue to tarnish (darken).  Therefore, the color and shininess of the metal may vary from the picture, but you will receive the exact tree that is pictured here.

Every tree sculpture is one of a kind.  Each wire is carefully bent and positioned to give it its life-like qualities.  The sculpture is completed with the addition of moss and small sculptures I create using polymer clay.


Height: 10″

Width: 12 ”

Depth: 8″