Seashell Sunrise Necklace


Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Seashell, Driftwood, Moonstone, and Citrine on Natural Tan Leather Necklace

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Poses the invigorating energy of dawn with the Seashell Sunrise Necklace.  The shell is a symbol of boundless growth in all areas of endeavors.  It stimulates intuition, sensitivity, and imagination.  The shell can enhance clarity in mental processing, bringing insight into making the right decision.  It promotes cooperation between the self and others proving a cohesive energy for groups.  Driftwood is a symbol of letting go and surrendering to our own truth.  It possesses magical healing powers, reminding us of the connection between wood and water, forest and ocean, and life and death.  It can help one attain insight into one’s past, present, and future.  Moonstone energy can help ease the changing cycles of life.  Just as the moon transitions from new to full, and back to new again, moving through each phase effortlessly.  Moonstone can teach us to find balance and reflect, finding insight and understanding.  Citrine has an amazing ability to dissipate and transmute negative energy.  It balances the yin/yang energy, as well as providing emotional balance.  Citrine is golden, like the sun, and it will bring a happy, sunny light to a person or place.  

Bring the ocean with you where ever you go with this lovely pastel shell necklace.  I collected this seashell from a beach in Crescent City, California while on a trip for an art history class while attending Humboldt State University.  The shell is broken exposing the spiral within.  I collected the driftwood at a beach in Humboldt County near HSU.  I chose the moonstone cube and teardrop citrine as their companion to bring out the beautiful pastel colors in the shells.  The three charms are wire wrapped to make sure they are securely fastened to the natural tan leather necklace which is 16.75″ long.

Each purchase is shipped in a black velvet gift bag.

Pendant Length: 2.25″
Necklace Length: 16.75″

Beach Seashell
Genuine Moonstone Cube
Genuine Citrine Teardrop
Natural Tan Leather
Sterling Silver Spring Clasp